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In the world of Perim there are four races: the Avis of the clouds, the Treefolk of the forest, the Stonedwellers of the mountains, and the Mariners of the sea. Each has evolved abilities needed to dominate its realm. But in every age, one is blessed. One is Radiant.

In Radiant, players draft an army of warriors and battle for control. Points are scored for melds, conquering regions, controlling majorities, and capturing opposing units. Players mount knights, activate assassins, and order their Radiant to spread their dominion.

At its core, Radiant is an area-control trick-taking game in which the winning suit, or race, is determined by a battle's location on a game board. The Radiant race is capable of competing in every region. At the beginning of each round, or age, players are dealt a hand of 8 to 10 cards, and then draft four additional cards which represent the units in their army. After melding card sets, players move a pawn on the game board to determine a battle's location. Players win battles to claim control over regions and for the right to choose the next battle's location.

Valuable temples and useful portals add excitement to the board. At the end of each age, the board is replenished with victory points waiting to be claimed, creating an asymmetrical board for the second and third ages.

Prove your power in the ages of the Radiant

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