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Caverna: The Forgotten Folk Expansion

Caverna: The Forgotten Folk Expansion

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Product Details

What's in the Box?

Over 150 High-Quality Components!

  • 1 Rulebook

  • 8 Folk Boards

  • 8 Overview Tiles

  • 32 Furnishing Tiles

  • 16 Tunnel/Cavern Single Tiles

  • 8 Ruby Mine/Field Single Tiles

  • 8 Meadow/Small Pasture Single Tiles

  • 24 Gemfruit Tokens

  • 24 Mushroom Tokens

  • 1 Cave Goblin Marker

  • 16 Gold Coins

  • 7 Goblin Markers

Don't Play by the Rules

Wondrous creatures are roaming through the forests and mountains of Caverna, working the land to build a splendid future for their families. For a very long time, the dwarves thought they were the only intelligent species around. How surprised they must have been to find out that they were wrong! But there's no time to spare for pondering over where these creatures come from and what they might want. It's time to embrace the new reality and compete for the few resources there are with folk that don't seem to play by the rules...

This expansion for the Caverna board game introduces eight new peoples, called "Folks", each with different perks and challenges. Each player will be given the choice of playing as the Dwarves, i.e., according to the base game rules, or as one of the new Folk, which change certain rules for that player. Additionally, each Folk will introduce four new Furnishing tiles that will replace certain base game tiles, thus adding more variety to the game.

Not Forgotten

Add some variety to your games of Caverna with new player options and furnishings! Get your copy of Caverna: The Forgotten Folk today!

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