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Crisis at Steamfall

Crisis at Steamfall

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In Crisis at Steamfall, you will assume the role of one of five colorful characters exploring a steampunk city full of mysterious locations and ancient technology. New events and enticing opportunities will arrive every round, dynamically changing the course of the game and its outcomes. A unique action-building mechanic allows you to advance your character to fit your play style, molding the way they interact with the city as you pursue your goals. During your journey, you will encounter the eccentric citizens of Steamfall, some of whom may be charmed or influenced to join your side and provide you with new objectives and special abilities. You will explore the alien ruins and abandoned districts of the city to acquire incredible relics and steampunk-inspired weapons, armor, and items, and then modify and enhance them with special add-ons and power modules. Along with managing the mood of your character to unlock their greatest potential for either good or ill, these game mechanics all blend together to provide a deep, fulfilling, and vastly replayable experience for one to four players Crisis at Steamfall provides both a competitive scenario in which players race to uncover the city?s deepest secrets, and a cooperative scenario in which players join forces to save the city from a terrible calamity. Both scenarios are distinct, with a different set of ability cards, city-shaking events and crises, and mysterious treasures to be discovered depending on which characters are in play and which scenario the players choose to undertake.

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