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The Fantasy Trip: Legacy Edition

The Fantasy Trip: Legacy Edition


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Product Details

With The Fantasy Trip, you're quickly in the action, immersed in fantastic adventures, thanks to the games easy-to-learn and fast-to-play mechanics. The Fantasy Trip has been out of print for decades, and now Steve Jackson's classic roleplaying game returns, merging the fun of old-school roleplaying with modern components and accessories. With this oversized and loaded box, you have everything that you need to adventure in the world of Cidri for years to come.
  • 6 single-hex tiles
  • 7 double-hex tiles
  • 7 triple-hex tiles
  • 8 7-hex tiles
  • 14-hex tile
  • 3 21-hex tiles
  • 28-hex tile
  • 17" x 22" full-color regional map
  • 17" x 22" full-color village map

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