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The Little Flower Shop

The Little Flower Shop

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Estimated Release Date: September 19, 2019
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Product Details

You're working for the little flower shop in the heart of the village. To attract customers, you'll need to arrange the most beautiful display of flowers in the shop's window. The Little Flower Shop is a light, yet strategic, set collection game featuring stunning artwork by a botanical artist. Mechanically, the game employs a familiar card drafting system of picking a card and passing the rest. The cards are then used according to their type. Vase cards are placed in a player's shop window. Flower cards are tucked under the vases, provided they meet the vase's requirements. Basket cards may be hung at the top of a player's window, but only if they can buy the baskets first. Salary cards provide free income. Sale cards allow players to sell flowers to put additional funds in their register. At the game's end, players score points for the best display of flowers in their windows.

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