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The Stars Are Right Card Game

The Stars Are Right Card Game


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Product Details

When the stars are right, the Great Old Ones will return. If the stars aren't right, it's up to you to move them around!

In The Stars Are Right, you take the role of a cultist, summoning Lovecraftian horrors from beyond time and space.

The sky is represented by a grid of star tiles . . . and you can change them. Invoke minor creatures to flip over a tile or push a row, creating the correct patterns to summon more and more powerful ones. Eventually, you'll build a horde of Servitors who can chain flips, pushes, and swaps together, rearranging the entire sky to your whims. Change the skies, summon a Great Old One, and win!

The Stars Are Right is a card game for two to four players, ages 12 and up, with a playing time of less than one hour.

Summon the Great Old Ones, who will shower you with power beyond your dreams. Or perhaps they'll eat you. Or both.

This is the licensed English-language edition of Die Sterne Stehen Richtig, published by Pegasus Spiele.
Play Time:
  • 80 cards
  • 25 double-sided tiles
  • rules

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