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Ages: 6+
Players: 2 - 5
Play Time: 12 - 18 minutes
Designer: Ted Alspach
Publisher: Bezier Games
UPC: 689076213356

Beer & Pretzels

Bezier Games

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Let?s say you?re hanging out with friends and want to play something fun and light. Agricola? No, it's a bit too heavy and the whole farming thing is way too laden with innappropriate farm animal jokes. Twister? No, and certainly not if "Hairy Susan" is going to be playing...yuck. In fact, most games just won't fit the bill. But Beer & Pretzels will, for no other reason than it sounds like it might be a beer & pretzels kind of game. You're probably thinking to yourself, "gee, what a coincidence.more

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