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Category: Strategy Games
Sub Category: Economic
Ages: 13+
Players: 1 - 4
Play Time: 120 - 150 minutes
Designer: Vital Lacerda
Publisher: Eagle-Gryphon Games
SKU: FDD101653
Our Price: $69.99

The Gallerist

Eagle-Gryphon Games

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This age of art and capitalism has created a need for a new occupation - The Gallerist.

Combining the elements of an Art dealer, museum curator, and Artists' manager, you are about to take on that job! You will promote and nurture Artists; buy, display, and sell their Art; and build and exert your international reputation. As a result, you will achieve the respect needed to draw visitors to your Gallery from all over the world.

There's a lot of work to be done, but don't worry, you can hire assistants to help you achieve your goals. Build your fortune by running the most lucrative Gallery and secure your reputation as a world-class Gallerist!

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What's in the Box?

Almost 400 High-Quality Components! Over 8 Pounds!

4x in each player color (orange, blue, yellow, purple):

  • 4x wooden custom Gallerist token (1x orange, blue, yellow, and purple)
  • 4x wooden influence disc (1x orange, blue, yellow, and purple)
  • 40x wooden assistant meeples in players colors (1x orange, blue, yellow, and purple)
  • 4x player boards in wrapped heavy cardboard (same as the main game board that is, in orange, blue, yellow, and purple)

    In visitor colors (white, pink, brown):

  • 60x tickets (20x white tickets, 20x pink tickets, 20x brown tickets)
  • 40x mini meeples
  • 12x white visitors
  • 14x pink visitors
  • 14x brown visitors

  • 1x Customized silk screened Eagle-Gryphon Games cloth bag for visitor meeples
  • 20x promotion tiles
  • 20x reputation tiles
  • 1x start player tile
  • 3x Pastiche-sized easels
  • 72x coins different sizes (1 - 19x, 2 - 19x, 5 - 12x, 10 - 10x, 50 - 8x, 100 - 4x)
  • 20x Contract cards
  • 4x Art Dealer goal cards
  • 4x Curator goal cards
  • 1x Glossy-paged, heavily edited 20-page rulebook
  • 4x player aids

  • Insert tray--Glossy black PVC, carefully and rationally laid out to accommodate all punched pieces in their own slots

    For the 8 artist studios:

  • 32x works of art tiles
  • 16x artist tiles
  • 16x signature tokens
  • 8x white fame cubes
  • 10x artist bonus tiles
  • 5x celebrity tiles
  • 3x Markers to track the work

    Plus a big, heavy duty, wrapped and beautiful game board (32" by 20")

    ALL components (including an allowance for all stretch goals to fit inside the custom designed insert tray) will come inside a heavy duty box measuring 15.5" by 12.5" by 3.0" and weighing approx. 8 full pounds (3.6kg)!

  • Maximize Your Money and Win the Game!

    In The Gallerist, you'll contract artists, promote artwork, and win the game by generating the most money. You do so in a variety of ways:

  • Having visitors in your gallery.
  • Exhibiting and selling works of art.
  • Investing in artists' promotion to increase art value.
  • Achieving trends and reputation as well as curator and dealer goals.

  • Learn How to Play

    Let Rodney Smith walk you through how to play The Gallerist.

    Want more information? Check out the Gaming Rules segment!

    The Complete Setup

    The Gallerist is an incredible game and looks great when setup and ready to go.

    Learn How to Play Solo!

    The Gallerist is such an incredibly expansive game it includes a full solo mode! Learn how to play solo via Watch It Played:

    Award-Winning Strategy!

    2015 Golden Geek Board Game of the Year Nominee
    2015 Golden Geek Best Strategy Board Game Nominee
    2015 Golden Geek Best Solo Board Game Nominee
    2015 Golden Geek Best Board Game Artwork/Presentation Nominee

    2015 Meeple's Choice Nominee

    Heavy Eurogame Award Bronze Diamond Winner

    Game of the Year in Romania 2015 Finalist (Advanced)

    Critical Praise for The Gallerist

    'It's very well designed.'

    '...people who like these heavy Euro games are really going to enjoy this one.'

    - Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower

    'An excellent Euro.'

    'It really shines in a two player game, which I did not expect.'

    'Awesome production. I definitely recommend it.'

    - Joel Eddy, Drive Thru Review

    'I love this game.'

    'I love that there is so much you can do.'

    - Mandi & Tracy, To Die For Games

    Kickstarter-Exclusive Stretch Goal Kits Available!

    Not included in the retail version, these two kits will complete your copy of The Gallerist to those who backed the highest tier of the Kickstarter:

    The Gallerist: Kickstarter Stretch Goal Pack #1

    Includes Logo Cloth Bag, 1 Wooden Score Marker, 1 Brown Easel, 1 bag of 8 clear plastic cubes.

    The Gallerist: Kickstarter Stretch Goal Pack #2

    Includes 12 Art Tiles and rules sheet.

    Your Gallery is Ready to Open!

    The Gallerist is an incredibly rich, deep experience that you and your friends will enjoy time and time again. So get your connoisseur hat on and get a copy of The Gallerist today!

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