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Pendulum Evolution
Pendulum Evolution
Duelist Pack: Dimensional Guardians
Duelist Pack: Dimensional Guardians
Maximum Crisis
Maximum Crisis
Machine Reactor Structure Deck
Machine Reactor Fury Structure Deck
Dinosmasher's Fury Structure Deck
Dinosmasher’s Fury Structure Deck


Base Sets
Fusion Enforcers Maximum Crisis
Fusion Enforcers Fusion Enforcers
Raging Tempest Raging Tempest
Destiny Soldiers Destiny Soldiers
Invasion: Vengeance Invasion: Vengeance
Dragons of Legend: Unleashed Dragons of Legend: Unleashed
The Dark Illusion The Dark Illusion
The Dark Side of Dimensions: Movie Pack The Dark Side of Dimensions
Shining Victories Shining Victories
Wing Raiders Wing Raiders
Breakers of Shadow Breakers of Shadow
Dimension of Chaos Dimension of Chaos
Clash of Rebellions High-Speed Riders
Clash of Rebellions Clash of Rebellions
Dragons of Legend 2 Dragons of Legend 2
The Secret Forces Crossed Souls
World Superstars World Superstars
The Secret Forces The Secret Forces
Secrets of Eternity Secrets of Eternity
The New Challengers The New Challengers
Duelist Alliance Duelist Alliance
Primal Origin Primal Origin
Dragons Of Legend Dragons of Legend
Legacy of the Valiant Legacy of the Valiant
Shadow Specters Shadow Specters
Judgment of the Light Judgment of the Light
Number Hunters Number Hunters
Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy
Hidden Arsenal 7 Hidden Arsenal 7
Cosmo Blazer Cosmo Blazer
Abyss Rising Abyss Rising
Return of the Duelist Return of the Duelist
Hidden Arsenal 6 Hidden Arsenal 6
Galactic Overlord Galactic Overlord
Order of Chaos Order of Chaos
Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion Hidden Arsenal 5
Photon Shockwave Photon Shockwave
Generation Force Generation Force
Extreme Victory Extreme Victory
Hidden Arsenal 4: Trishula's Triumph Hidden Arsenal 4
Storm of Ragnarok Storm of Ragnarok
Hidden Arsenal 3 Hidden Arsenal 3
Starstrike Blast Starstrike Blast
Duelist Revolution Duelist Revolution
Hidden Arsenal 2 Hidden Arsenal 2
The Shining Darkness The Shining Darkness
Absolute Powerforce Absolute Powerforce
Hidden Arsenal Hidden Arsenal
Stardust Overdrive Stardust Overdrive
Ancient Prophecy Ancient Prophecy
Raging Battle Raging Battle
Crimson Crisis Crimson Crisis
Crossroads of Chaos Crossroads of Chaos
The Duelist Genesis The Duelist Genesis
Light of Destruction Light of Destruction
Phantom Darkness Phantom Darkness
Gladiator's Assault Gladiator’s Assault
Tactical Evolution Tactical Evolution
Force of the Breaker Force of the Breaker
Strike of Neos Strike of Neos
CyberDark Impact CyberDark Impact
Power of the Duelist Power of the Duelist
Enemy of Justice Enemy of Justice
Shadow of Infinity Shadow of Infinity
Elemental Energy Elemental Energy
Cybernetic Revolution Cybernetic Revolution
The Lost Millennium The Lost Millennium
Flaming Eternity Flaming Eternity
Rise of Destiny Rise of Destiny
Soul of the Duelist Soul of the Duelist
Ancient Sanctuary Ancient Sanctuary
Invasion of Chaos Invasion of Chaos
Dark Crisis Dark Crisis
Magician's Force Magician’s Force
Pharaonic Guardian Pharaonic Guardian
Legacy of Darkness Legacy of Darkness
Labyrinth of Nightmare Labyrinth of Nightmare
Pharaoh's Servant Pharaoh’s Servant
Magic Ruler Spell Ruler
Magic Ruler Magic Ruler
Metal Raiders Metal Raiders
Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon
Structure Decks
Machine Reactor Machine Reactor
Dinosmasher's Fury Dinosmasher’s Fury
Pendulum Domination Pendulum Domination
Muto Yugi and Seto Kaiba Yugi Muto and Seto Kaiba
Rise of the True Dragons Rise of the True Dragons
Emperor of Darkness Emperor of Darkness
Master of Pendulum Master of Pendulum
Structure Deck Synchron Extreme Synchron Extreme
Hero Strike Hero Strike
Geargia Rampage Geargia Rampage
Realm of Light Realm of Light
Cyber Dragon Revolution Cyber Dragon Revolution
Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon Saga of Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Onslaught of the Fire Kings Onslaught of the Fire Kings
Realm of the Sea Emperor Realm of the Sea Emperor
Samurai Warlords Samurai Warlords
Dragons Collide Dragons Collide
Gates of the Underworld Gates of the Underworld
Lost Sanctuary Lost Sanctuary
Dragunity Legion Dragunity Legion
Marik Marik
Machina Mayhem Machina Mayhem
Warrior's Strike Warrior’s Strike
Spellcaster's Command Spellcaster’s Command
Zombie World Zombie World
Dark Emperor Dark Emperor
Rise of the Dragon Lords Rise of the Dragon Lords
Machine Revolt Machine Revolt
Dinosaur's Rage Dinosaur’s Rage
Lord of the Storm Lord of the Storm
Invincible Fortress Invincible Fortress
Spellcasters's Judgement Spellcasters’s Judgement
Warrior's Triumph Warrior’s Triumph
Fury from the Deep Fury from the Deep
Blaze of Destruction Blaze of Destruction
Zombie Madness Zombie Madness
Dragon's Roar Dragon’s Roar

Starter Decks
Yuya Yuya
Saber Force Saber Force
Dark Legion Dark Legion
Space-Time Showdown 2014 Super Starter
Yugi Reloaded Yugi Reloaded
Kaiba Reloaded Kaiba Reloaded
2013 Super-Starter: V for Victory 2013 Super Starter: V for Victory
Yu-Gi-Oh GX Yu-Gi-Oh GX
XYZ Symphony XYZ Symphony
Dawn of the XYZ Dawn of the XYZ
Duelist Toolbox Duelist Toolbox
5D's Starter Deck 2009 5D’s Starter Deck 2009
5D's Starter Deck 5D’s Starter Deck
Syrus Truesdale Syrus Truesdale
Jaden Yuki Jaden Yuki
Kaiba Evolution Kaiba Evolution
Yugi Evolution Yugi Evolution
Pegasus Pegasus
Joey Joey
Kaiba Kaiba
Yugi Yugi
Duelist Packs
Duelist Pack 1: Jaden Yuki Duelist Pack 1: Jaden Yuki
Duelist Pack 2: Chazz Princeton Duelist Pack 2: Chazz Princeton
Duelist Pack 3: Jaden Yuki 2 Duelist Pack 3: Jaden Yuki 2
Duelist Pack 4: Zane Truesdale Duelist Pack 4: Zane Truesdale
Duelist Pack 5: Aster Phoenix Duelist Pack 5: Aster Phoenix
Duelist Pack 6: Jaden Yuki 3 Duelist Pack 6: Jaden Yuki 3
Duelist Pack 7: Jesse Anderson Duelist Pack 7: Jesse Anderson
Duelist Pack 8: Yusei Fudo Duelist Pack 8: Yusei Fudo
Duelist Pack 9: Yusei Fudo 2 Duelist Pack 9: Yusei Fudo 2
Duelist Pack Yugi Duelist Pack Yugi
Duelist Pack Kaiba Duelist Pack Kaiba
Duelist Pack: Crow Duelist Pack: Crow
Duelist Pack 10 : Yusei Fudo 3 Duelist Pack 10 : Yusei Fudo 3
Duelist Pack Battle City Duelist Pack Battle City
Duelist Pack 1: Jaden Yuki Duelist Pack: Rivals of the Pharaoh
Duelist Pack 1: Jaden Yuki Duelist Pack: Dimensional Guardians

Reprint Series
Duelist Saga Duelist Saga
Star Pack Battle Royal Star Pack Battle Royal
Legendary Decks II Legendary Decks II
Millennium Pack Millennium Pack
Dark Beginnings Vol. 1 Dark Beginnings Vol. 1
Dark Beginnings Vol. 2 Dark Beginnings Vol. 2
Dark Revelations Vol. 1 Dark Revelations Vol. 1
Dark Revelations Vol. 2 Dark Revelations Vol. 2
Dark Revelations Vol. 3 Dark Revelations Vol. 3
Dark Revelations Vol. 4 Dark Revelations Vol. 4
Gold Series Gold Series 1
Gold Series 2009 Gold Series 2
Gold Series 3 Gold Series 3
Gold Series 4: Pyramid Edition Gold Series 4
Gold Series 5: Haunted Mine Gold Series 5: Haunted Mine
Premium Gold Premium Gold
Premium Gold: Return of the Bling Premium Gold: Return of the Bling
Premium Gold: Infinite Gold Premium Gold: Infinite Gold
Noble Knights of the Round Table Noble Knights of the Round Table
King of Games: Yugis Legendary Decks King of Games: Yugi’s Legendary Decks
Retro Pack Retro Pack 1
Retro Pack 2 Retro Pack 2
Dark Legends Dark Legends
Ra Yellow Mega-Pack Ra Yellow Mega-Pack
Legendary Collection 2: Mega-Pack Legendary Collection 2: Mega-Pack
Legendary Collection 3: Yugi's World Legendary Collection 3: Yugi’s World
Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World Legendary Collection 4: Joey’s World
Legendary Collection 5D's Legendary Collection 5D’s
2015 Mega-Tins 2016 Mega-Tins
2015 Mega-Tins 2015 Mega-Tins
2014 Mega-Tins 2014 Mega-Tins
Star Pack 2013 Star Pack 2013
Star Pack 2014 Star Pack 2014
Star Pack Arc-V Star Pack Arc-V
Battle Pack: Epic Dawn Battle Pack: Epic Dawn
Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants Battle Pack 2: War of the Giants
Battle Pack 2: Round 2 Battle Pack 2: Round 2
Battle Pack 3: Monster League Battle Pack 3: Monster League

Tokens Tokens

Collectible Tins
Collectible Tins 2016 Collectible Mega Tins

Special Offers
Special Offers Special Offers