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  • 1960: The Making of the President Board Game
Product Details
Ages: 12 - 99
Players: 2
Play Time: 90 - 120 minutes
Designer: Christian Leonhard, Jason Matthews
Publisher: Z-Man Games
SKU: ZMG7019
UPC: 681706070193
Contents: 1 Game board
108 cards
170 wooden support cubes
2 Candidate pawns
50 State seals
12 Momentum markers
8 Endorsement markers
3 Issues marker
2 wooden Turn/Phase cubes

1960: The Making of the President Board Game

Z-Man Games

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Second Edition

All elections are turning points, but the presidential election of 1960 holds a special place in American history. The 1950s had been a period of unparalleled economic growth and US global power. Richard Nixon served as President Eisenhower's Vice President through most of the period. Nixon's humble origins gave him a common touch that appealed to the small town, idyllic America encompassed by the spirit of the 1950s. John F. Kennedy, was Nixon's mirror image: more
Second Edition

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