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  • Introducing Eternal Brawl

    Brawl has capture Brandon's attention, but the rotation leaves him wanting something a little more Eternal!
  • Unstable Sums: Baron Von Count in Commander

    You can count on Brandon to bring you a spicy Commander take on Unstable's most prolific numerologist: Baron Von Count!
  • We Need to Talk About Field of Ruin

    There's something about Field of Ruin no one is talking about, but Brandon is happy to fill the need!
  • Standard Defibrillated

    The Metamorphosis 2.0 announcement was enough to bring Brandon back to write about the inevitable changes to Standard!
  • Aether Potpourri

    Brandon talks Standard Bans and Aether Revolt Sealed in his final regular article with Gathering Magic.
  • 5 Decks You'll Play This Weekend

    Brandon hits you with 5 Decks you may play this weekend at GP Louisville!
  • 2016: R.I.P. Standard

    Standard's struggling a little, and Brandon's here to break down the reasons why.
  • 5 Decks You'll Play This Weekend

    The Standard Showdown is in full swing, and Brandon has five decks you could play this weekend.
  • A Is For...

    A is for alliteration as Brandon bucks popular opinion and arranges an Atraxa list lousy with artificers.
  • Life(link) Partners: Tymna and Bruse Tarl

    Whenever. Wherever. We're meant to be together. Brandon feels the love and takes on Partners in Commander.