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We Buy Lorcana Cards in BULK!
Now Buying Lorcana
30% Store Credit Bonus on Trade-ins
How to Pack Buys
Ultra Fast Payments and Status Updates
We Buy Lorcana Cards in BULK!
Now Buying Lorcana
30% Store Credit Bonus on Trade-ins
How to Pack Buys
Ultra Fast Payments and Status Updates

View our Buy Lists by using the tabs above. The "Search by Set" tab allows you to view a list of items we are buying from a specific set. The "Search by Name" tab allows you to search for a product by name.

Put any items you wish to sell to us into your Buy List cart using the "Add" button associated with each item.

After you are done adding items to your Buy List cart, complete the info fields and submit your Buy List cart for approval.

Once we approve your Buy List cart you will receive an approval e-mail. Use the link provided in the e-mail to complete the transaction by following the instructions and letting us know when you mail your Buy List cart to us and how you wish to be paid.

See below for answers to Frequently Asked Questions. Thank you!

To view our text-only buylist,
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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I sell unlisted ("bulk") cards on my Buy List cart? To sell bulk items, find the "Bulk" set listing in each game's section of the Buy List. All of the various options for selling bulk for that game will be listed. Please do not send bulk in played condition or non-English languages.
  • Will you buy my entire collection? If your collection is around 100,000+ cards, please send an email to buyer@coolstuffinc.com with the details of your collection. Please be as specific as possible when describing your collection. Include details about the size, condition, sets included, and rare/unusual cards. If your collection does not meet the above requirements, please use our online Buy List via the tabs above. Additionally, you can sell unlisted items in your collection via our "Bulk" sections (see FAQ #1).
  • Do you purchase foil/holo versions of cards? We currently only offer extra on Magic the Gathering foils. Prices for Magic the Gathering foils can be found on the Buy List denoted with a foil card icon next to them. Foils for all other games are purchased at the same price as the non-foil version (if applicable).
  • What if my cards aren't in near mint condition? We pay 75% of the listed near mint price on played condition cards. We grade all cards as we process your buy once it arrives. Any changes due to condition will be applied at that time. All changes are viewable from your account page by clicking the link associated with the buy cart in the Recent Buys section. Due to customer feedback, we are required to consider all artist signed cards as "played" condition. Many customers will not accept them when purchased as near mint condition.
  • What if my minis don't have stat cards to go with them? We pay 75% of the listed price for D&D minis without a stat card. For all other minis games, we pay 50% of the listed price. Heroclix minis that pre-date sets which included stat cards will receive the full listed value.
  • What if my cards are lost or damaged in the mail? We strongly recommend all Buy List users send your items via a trackable and/or insured method. Many customers use USPS Delivery Confirmation to ensure their package arrives and to know when it does. FedEx and UPS insure packages up to $100 for free as well. We are not responsible for packages lost or damaged by shipping services.
  • How long do I have to ship my cards after approval? We require all Buy List cart items to be mailed within 10 days of our approval email notification. After you mail the package, please use the section to the right to verify the date of shipment. Buy List prices are subject to change if your items are not shipped within the 10 day cut-off.
  • All CCGs/Minis Dealers please read We reserve the right to refuse any submitted Buy List cart or individual items in any Buy List cart for any reason. Any individual item quantity may be adjusted for any reason. This extends to bulk items as well. If you have any questions in regards to large quantities you wish to sell (including bulk), please contact us at buyer@coolstuffinc.com. Please do not send bulk in played condition or in non-English languages.
  • Do you buy non-English language cards? At this time we are only buying specific non-English language cards. These cards will be listed with the language after the card name, for example: "Karakas (Italian)". Any non-English language cards that are sent to us and aren't listed on the Buy List as described above will not be accepted and can be returned at your expense.
  • How do I get back rejected items from my buy cart? We can return items marked for return with a future order for no charge. Alternatively, if you would like them sent back separately there is a fee to cover the shipping/materials ($2.99 for card game returns, $5 for miniatures within the contiguous USA). Return item shipping for sealed products or to non-US countries will vary based on location/weight. Please contact us at Buyer@CoolStuffInc.com to request your items be returned. Please be advised there is a two month cutoff for items to be returned. Any items not requested to be returned within two months of the date we processed your buy cart will be discarded.

Contact Info:
Phone #: (407) 695-6554
Email: buyer@coolstuffinc.com

Thank you,
-CoolStuffInc.com Staff

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