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  • Profile of a Serial Cheater

    What's in a cheater? Darwin shares his experience with the dark side in a friendly player.
  • Devotion: The Rising New Power in Standard

    If you want to win in Standard you have to devote yourself. Darwin shows you why.
  • Changing My Pro Tour Paradigm

    How can you evolve your Magic skills? Darwin shares why he stepped up to control at Pro Tour Theros.
  • Driving W/U Control

    If control's your game, Darwin's newest Standard deck is for you.
  • Divine Mechanics

    How good is the design of Theros? Darwin digs into the details to explain what makes it truly magical.
  • Black Death

    Which removal spells define Standard? Darwin takes a look at the best ways to kill creatures.
  • Paying for Power

    What does it take to become one of the priciest cards in Standard? Join Darwin to find out.
  • Playing with Power

    Why are so many decks so good in Standard? Darwin shares the secret that makes each tick.
  • Golgari Revisited

    Kalonian Hyrda wins games. Darwin looks beyond to the Golgari troupe that makes it happen without it.
  • Red Deck . . . Wins?

    Phoenixes, Pyromancers, Dragons, and plenty of burn! Get your aggro on with two of Darwin's takes on Mono Red.