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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Dave Kosin

    All Good Things

    Dave gives a few final thoughts as he says a temporary goodbye to content creation!
  • Dave Kosin

    Dave's Commander Mailbag #4

    Dave clears the cobwebs off his mailbox and answers some community questions about Commander!
  • Dave Kosin

    What is Fun? Mainly, Don't Hurt Me

    The social contract is a hard thing to grasp, but hopefully Dave can shed some light on it!
  • Dave Kosin

    Oops, I Spilled All the Damage

    Dave may hate doing math, but when the results are this powerful he's willing to make an exception!
  • Dave Kosin

    Thieves of Commander Joy

    What drains all the fun from a game of Commander? Dave dives in and breaks down the reasons!
  • Dave Kosin

    Judge Davie's Court: Smothering Tithe

    All rise for the honorable Judge Davie as he hands down his verdict on Smothering Tithe!
  • Dave Kosin

    Commander Just Changed (Forever?)

    With the gods from Kaldheim putting non-creatures in the Command Zone, what does this mean for Commander's future?
  • Dave Kosin

    Let's Talk About Threat Assessment

    Threat Assessment in Commander can be tricky, and Dave wants to shift the focus of the conversation!
  • Dave Kosin

    We Make Our Own Fun

    Sometimes we need to play the game in front of us instead of the one we wanted!
  • Dave Kosin

    Snow Big Deal, Just Flurries in Kaldheim

    Dave presents our preview cards from Kaldheim!
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