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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jason Alt

    Mari's League of Assassins

    Jason is always looking for new ways to profit off of opponents creatures, and Mari provides an intriguing new opportunity!
  • Jason Alt

    Who Names a Cat "Kitt"?

    Jason teams up with Kitt Kanto, Mayhem Diva to keep his opponents on the backfoot and attacking each other!
  • Jason Alt

    Oskar Loves Trash

    One man's trash is Oskar's treasure, as Jason builds around the Rubbish Reclaimer's unique ability!
  • Jason Alt

    Ognis Uses Beamtown Banking

    Jason can expect some fast money when he opens an account with Beamtown Bankers!
  • Jason Alt

    The Best Defense Contractor is a Good Offense Contractor

    If you're feeling bored with Bant, perhaps Jason can interest you in a deal with a Defense Contractor from The Brokers?
  • Jason Alt

    Hey, Einstein, I'm on Your Side

    Building Falco Spara conventionally is easy, so Jason decides to go for a different approach!
  • Jason Alt

    The Most Charming Man in the World

    When it comes to instants in Commander, Jason really needs them to do more than one thing before he considers them!
  • Jason Alt

    The Real Super was the Friends We Made Along the Way

    Taking a detour from instants and sorceries, Jason explores how to better make use of planeswalkers in Commander!
  • Jason Alt

    Flay Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

    Armed with a Commander that is very much his speed, Jason plans to send his opponents to the Upside Down!
  • Jason Alt

    The Deuteragony of Defeat

    Jason won't play second fiddle to Ryu with the sweet deck he's built around Ken, Burning Brawler!
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