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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • In Defense of Not Just Building Animar

    Jason takes a look at Kadena and thinks about why you should build morphs with her instead of Animar!
  • Commander 2019 - Cards I Can't Wait to Play

    Jason looks through Commander 2019, highlighting the cards he's most excited to play!
  • Steal Creatures the Selesnya Way

    Jason talks about CoolStuff's Commander 2019 preview card the only way he knows how: how it can help him steal creatures!
  • Holding Onto What's Golden

    Jason follows up on the core of his Omnath Locus of the Roil deck from last week,!
  • The Nougaty Center

    Jason takes two ideas and mashes them together as he examines how to build a new deck around a core card or idea!
  • 5 Lessons from 5 Games

    Jason learns some important lessons about Commander using five decks at Magic Fest Detroit!
  • Dying for the Sins of the Servant

    Jason talks about Painter's Servant and what potential, for better or worse, it has now that it's unbanned!
  • 15 Core Set 2020 Cards I Can't Wait to Use

    Jason talks about the cards from Core Set 2020 he's most excited to use in Commander!
  • Roil Rumble

    Jason enters the roil, combining two decks to make something better than the sum of its parts!
  • Boid's the Woid

    Jason shelves his Oathbreaker plans to talk about an exciting new bird wizard in Core Set 2020!