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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jason Alt

    Sorry, Nassari

    Jason would apologize for stealing your spells, but he proves time and time again he isn't really sorry!
  • Jason Alt

    Strixhaven Cards I Can't Wait to Play With

    Strixhaven is full of new cards, and a surprising number of them are perfect fits for a 75% deck!
  • Jason Alt

    Lure, Venom, Imagination

    Jason puts on the nostalgia goggles as he attempts to recreate an old feeling with some Commander Legends partners!
  • Jason Alt

    75% of A Pirate's Life for Me!

    The wide-open seas await you with these two sweet takes on Pirates in Commander!
  • Jason Alt

    Surf's Up

    The tides are sure to turn in your favor with these sweet takes on Araumi!
  • Jason Alt

    Card Advantage in a Flash

    You can have card advantage at any speed thanks to a lovely faerie trickster from Commander Legends!
  • Jason Alt

    Let it Snow 2: Snow Harder with a Vengeance

    Should you include more snow permanents in your Commander decks?
  • Jason Alt

    Koma Chameleon

    Koma is a natural chameleon of a commander, blending in perfectly to plenty of strategies!
  • Jason Alt

    Ground Tom to Maja Control

    Jason has two takes on Maja, Bretagard Protector that more than just oddities!
  • Jason Alt

    After the Fire, After All the Rain

    Aegar is was too fun to be an uncommon legend, and Jason has two decks that put him to work!
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