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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jason Alt

    The Thesis Enchantment

    Jason has a realization about his deck-building and develops a new facet of 75% Theory as a result!
  • Jason Alt

    The Most 75% Cards in Midnight Hunt

    Now that he's had time with the set, Jason is ready to break down the most 75% cards in Midnight Hunt!
  • Jason Alt

    Easy Peasy Eloisey

    When it comes to breaking Eloise wide open in Commander, Jason is on the case!
  • Jason Alt

    (Best Way to Pay a) Price is Rite

    Katilda suggests a straightforward Human tribal build, but Jason has other plans for this Command Zone Cryptolith Rite!
  • Jason Alt

    Astral Projectiles

    You won't have to go in on the day/night cycle to make the most of this Midnight Hunt legend!
  • Jason Alt

    Life from the Sloam

    The parade of Blue-Green lands-matter Commanders continues with a slimy Life from the Loam on a stick!
  • Jason Alt

    Collateral Part 3: Black Hat

    With another salt survery in the books, Jason breaks down the shifts in the data when it comes to Commander salt!
  • Jason Alt

    Death and Modular Taxes

    Jason has long preached the value of modular cards in Commander, but has he considered whether they're worth the mana?
  • Jason Alt

    Rakdos is the New Blue

    Move over, Blue! When it comes to playing your opponents cards, there's a new kid on the block!
  • Jason Alt

    Dragon Our Feet

    Jason breaks the norm of building a dragon deck around a dragon Commander!
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