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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jesse Mason

    Avacyn Restored First Impressions

    There are upsides and downsides to everything. Jesse takes issue with the downsides of Avacyn Restored, and believes the set could have been much more. Do you agree?
  • Jesse Mason

    Prerelease Report

    The observations and musings of Jesse Mason are uniquely his own. They're also oftentimes entertaining. See what he thought of the Avacyn Restored Prerelease!
  • Jesse Mason

    Casting Obvious

    Uncertainty can lead to fear, but looking beyond our aversion to the unknown opens up a world of excitement. Jesse explains why new mechanics evoke both feelings.
  • Jesse Mason

    Liliana and Garruk

    Another Magic art kerfuffle already? Jesse's got beef with one specific image in Avacyn Restored and, according to him, you should take issue too!
  • Jesse Mason

    Internal Memos to Wizards Employees

    Thanks to some moonlighting as an investigative reporter, Jesse has acquired a few internal memos from behind the gates in Renton!
  • Jesse Mason

    GP: SeaTac, Parts XIII–XVI

    Jesse brings his interesting and unorthodox Grand Prix Seattle report to its conclusion!
  • Jesse Mason

    GP: SeaTac, Parts VI–XII

    The tales of woe and wonder from Grand Prix Seattle continue with the second installment of Jesse's report. Reading the first is only partially required!
  • Jesse Mason

    GP: SeaTac, Parts I–V

    Jeese's back from Grand Prix Seattle, and he has a few tales to share. Of course, no tale from Jesse is ever ordinary an this first part is full of those uniquely his own!
  • Jesse Mason

    Your Format Still Sucks

    Every format has its issues, but Jesse doesn't stop there: from players to archetypes and even culture, everything is subject to satire!
  • Jesse Mason

    Anti-Flavor Dissertation

    Serious topics require serious attention, and we all know Jesse is always absolutely serious.
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