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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jim Casale

    The Buy/Sell Question

    Jim wants to help you answer the questions that always come up: Should I sell this? Should I buy this?
  • Jason Alt

    Stepping Their Game Up 2: Commander Boogaloo

    Jason provides some new advice for playgroups looking to step up their Commander game!
  • Jim Casale

    Card Shipping Tips

    Jim Casale teaches you how to ship cards with the best of 'em with these useful tips!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    Overcoming Physical Challenges with Control

    Adrian discusses how you can save time by paying attention to how you physically play Magic!
  • Kendra Smith

    Reaching Beyond Pauper: Upgrading Decks

    Kendra talks about using your Pauper lists as springboards for Modern and Legacy!
  • Bruce Richard

    Keeping a Peaceful Graveyard

    Bruce has some tips and some favorite cards to keep your opponents' graveyards under control in Commander!
  • Michael Flores

    Making Sense of Modern

    Mike gives an after-action report of his recent forays into Modern and talks about what you (and he) don't understand!
  • Jim Casale

    Don't Forget Me: Dominaria

    Jim tries something a little different, pointing out reprints that would be hard to do outside of a set on Dominaria!
  • Rudy Briksza

    Path to Esport Stardom

    Rudy explores some ideas for how Magic's coverage can be elevated and turn the game into a true esport!
  • Stephen Johnson

    Learning Lessons

    Stephen has been schooling himself on some proper Commander building techniques and he'd like to pass those lessons along to you!
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