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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Ant Tessitore

    Vorthos 2015

    Vorthos turn 10 this year, so Ant looks back on the history and new future of the iconic flavor-lover.
  • Snack Time with Mike and Ant

    Snack Time #11 — What's Best Is Best

    Share your Friday snacktime with Mike and Ant as they talk top eights, best ofs, and why they just aren't Vorthos-y.
  • Ant Tessitore

    What's Iconic about Iconics?

    What does it mean to be iconic in Magic? Ant digs into the past, and future, design of Magic's greatest flavors.
  • MJ Scott

    Cosplay: Sydri and the Assassin

    MJ shares her killer Sydri cosplay as Ant sets the stage with some creative fiction of his own.
  • Snack Time with Mike and Ant

    Snack Time #10 — Flavorful Deck-Building

    Snacks. Decks. Vorthos. Adam joins Mike and Ant to break down how to pack your decks full of flavor.
  • Ant Tessitore

    The Flavor of Silence

    Everything is limited in Magic. Ant looks at the space between creative, and what that means for the game.
  • Ant Tessitore

    O-T-T for Dragons of Tarkir

    Where do these words come from? Ant dives into the tastes that make up the flavorful names in Dragons of Tarkir.
  • Snack Time with Mike and Ant

    Snack Time #9 — DTK with JJ and CK

    Jeremy Jarvis and Colin Kawakami of the Wizards creative team join Mike and Ant for snacks and an official preview.
  • Ant Tessitore

    Elder What!?

    Where does an Elder Dragon come from? What's the deal with the original Elders? Ant has the original Dominaria story.
  • Snack Time with Mike and Ant

    Snack Time #8 — Dragons

    The Dragons are coming, so Mike and Ant discuss all the plans that go into them.
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