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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Magic Mics

    Magic Mics: Food for Thought

    Throne of Eldraine Previews abound as the Magic Mics round up all the latest news in the Magic Community!
  • Magic Mics

    Magic Mics: Slow News Day

    The Magic Mics crew tackles the fresh cavalcade of news and announcements for Throne of Eldraine and beyond!
  • Magic Mics

    Magic Mics: Top Ten Hall of Famers & Banned Camp

    It's a double header with the latest episode of Magic Mics and the latest Magic Mics Top Ten!
  • Magic Mics

    Magic Mics: Top Ten X Spells

    Erin, Evan, and Reuben discuss the best of the best when it comes to X Spells!
  • Magic Mics

    Magic Mics: Failing Upwards

    Hall of Fame Season is upon us, and the Magic Mics have plenty of thoughts on that and more!
  • Magic Mics

    Magic Mics: This is the MPL!

    With the Organized Play announcements fresh off the presses, Erin, Evan, and Reuben have plenty to talk about on this week's Magic Mics!
  • Kendra Smith

    Pauper Premiere League Week 5

    Week Five of the Pauper Premiere League is here and Kendra breaks down the deck lineup for this week's competition!
  • Magic Mics

    Magic Mics: Gaak is Wack

    We have Commander 2019 Previews, a Judge Academy News Roundup and so much more in this week's Magic Mics!
  • Magic Mics

    Magic Mics: Circling Eldraine

    New set announcements, Mythic Championships, and more dominate the conversation in this week's Magic Mics!
  • Magic Mics

    Magic Mics: Light Up the Rage

    Evan, Erin, and Reuben discuss the latest happenings in the Magic community in the newest episode of Magic Mics!
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