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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Bruce Richard

    PAX Immensus

    Bruce was on the floor of PAX East, and he wasn't just there for the Magic! Come see what makes PAX one of the best conventions on the planet!
  • Bruce Richard

    You Don't Mess with the Ruhan

    With every Ruhan deck reporting in, Bruce breaks down the numbers, tallies the cards, and shares the good, bad, and unusual of building around Ruhan of the Fomori!
  • Bruce Richard

    No Lightning Helix!? The Top 10 Life-Gain in Multiplayer

    When did you last consider life gain? Bruce brings a Top 10 list of cards that will surprise and inspire you!
  • Bruce Richard

    Opposing the Counter – Counterspells in Multiplayer

    Saying "Stop." is a loaded gambit in multiplayer Magic. Bruce breaks down the ins and outs of slinging the counters, and how to tap Islands among friends!
  • Bruce Richard

    Twenty Questions, Part 2

    Bruce is back with the second half of the 20 questions every deck builder should be asking! How many have you missed when considering new decks?
  • Bruce Richard

    Twenty Questions, Part 1

    Building deck can be an intimidating experience. Bruce breaks down the first 10 questions you should ask of every deck you make!
  • Bruce Richard

    The Power of Positive Thinking

    Categorizing Magic players in terms of their contributions is nothing new, but Bruce's call to action is something to be heeded by everyone!
  • Bruce Richard

    Edric: Card for the Magic Diplomat

    Edric, Spymaster of Trest isn't an ordinary creature, and an ordinary analysis isn't enough. Bruce dives deep into how to make the most of the card drawing Elf, and why you should use him too!
  • Bruce Richard

    The Perfect Storm

    Sometimes, games just fall away. For a variety of reasons, things can always go wrong in multiplayer. Bruce has had his fair share of losses, but things also move quite differently...
  • Bruce Richard

    Dark Ascension: The Prerelease that Was

    Not every Prerelease is about maximizing money value and finding the best trades you can. Far more players just look for a good time. Bruce runs down one with his son!