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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Bruce Richard

    Our New Year's Resolutions

    Are you ready to make your Magic world better? Bruce's resolutions will get him there.
  • Bruce Richard

    ’Twas a Night Before Christmas

    Holiday celebrations can only be improved by multiplayer madness!
  • Bruce Richard

    Rakdos: The Fleshtaker!

    Today on Rakdos Live, Bruce brings us a 15/15 for just three mana.
  • Bruce Richard

    Revenge Strategy

    Some multiplayer strategies can cause social friction. How can you deal with Revenge Strategies?
  • Bruce Richard

    Golgargle with Glissa

    Bruce has a problem, and the only solution is to pile on the Golgari goodness!
  • Bruce Richard

    Thirteen Thankful Things

    A moment of reflection, and a series of thanks from Bruce.
  • Bruce Richard

    A Multiplayer Guild

    What time Izzet? Bruce has multiplayer shenanigans to experiment with!
  • Bruce Richard

    The Very Model of a Modern Masters Marketplace

    What does Modern Master mean for the average player? Bruce shares some insight.
  • Bruce Richard

    Expense Awareness

    For Azorius week, Bruce has a deck that drowns opponents in red tape!
  • Bruce Richard

    Faraway Lands

    These boots were made for walking across the multiverse.
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