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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Allen Pennington

    (Modern) U/W/R Gifts Primer

    Blue-white-red isn't just flash and control. Allen breaks down a flavor packed with Gifts Ungiven.
  • Allen Pennington

    (Modern) Jund Loam Assault Primer

    How much value can you pack into one deck? Allen shares a twist on Modern Jund that piles it on.
  • Allen Pennington

    Blue-White Devotion Primer

    What's up with Blue-White Devotion in Standard? Allen shows you the deck and how it plays.
  • Allen Pennington

    Deck Primer: (Modern) Domain Zoo

    Is Domain Zoo the Modern deck for you? Allen breaks down everything you need to know.
  • Allen Pennington

    (Modern) Splinter Twin Primer

    It takes more than twine to secure Modern victory. Allen breaks down how Splinter Twin works.
  • Allen Pennington

    Modern Merfolk Primer

    You can tap Islands for the beatdown thanks to the Merfolk of Modern.
  • Allen Pennington

    Legacy Tin Fins Primer

    Allen Pennington and Griselbrand are back, ready to put their opponents into Shallow Graves.
  • Inside the Deck

    Inside the Deck: (Legacy) Tin Fins Deck Tech

    Allen teams up with Griselbrand to storm out his opponents as early as the first turn.
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