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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Stephen Johnson

    Tribal Jodah, the Unifier in Commander

    Today Stephen is enjoying Halloween with a pair of undead brews based around Jodah, the Unifier!
  • Stephen Johnson

    Tor Wauki the Younger in Commander

    There are Commander themes you'd never expect anyone to explore, but that's what Stephen's doing with today's brew!
  • Stephen Johnson

    Garna, Bloodfist of Keld in Commander

    Stephen is building around a new Dominaria United commander, and the brew today even has some early results to back it up!
  • Stephen Johnson

    Shanna, Purifying Blade in Commander

    Today Steven is building around a Dominaria United legend that's a classic Magic throwback and an exciting new brew!
  • Stephen Johnson

    Meria, Scholar of Antiquity in Commander

    If you like artifacts and/or wacky Gruul commanders, Stephen has the deck for you today as he builds around Meria!
  • Stephen Johnson

    Ivy, Gleeful Spellthief in Commander

    Today Stephen builds around a Simic commander that enables a brand-new archetype!
  • Stephen Johnson

    Rainbow Ramos in Commander

    Today Stephen is looking forward with Dominaria United while looking back and building around a classic legend!
  • Stephen Johnson

    Elminster in Commander

    Today Stephen tackles a challenging commander, but one that is both thematic and extremely powerful in this brew!
  • Stephen Johnson

    Secret Lair Tribal

    Today Stephen highlights a very special Commander brew from one of his extended playgroup!
  • Stephen Johnson

    Mahadi, Emporium Master in Commander

    Today Stephen shares the story of a recent deck he built in paper and how it performed out of the gate - don't miss this look at Mahadi, Emporium Master in Commander!
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