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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • CMDR Decks

    Reaper King

    The Reaper comes. CMDR Decks wants you to be ready for the worst.
  • Alex Ullman

    Colors of Commander

    Color in Commander matters more than your mana. Alex looks at how players follow the themes the colors lay down.
  • Jason Alt

    Step Their Game Up

    Is 75% the lower level of decks? Jason takes a look at weakness in many decks that should get fixed.
  • CMDR Decks

    Heartless Hidetsugu

    Being Heartless has its advantages as CMDR Decks takes a look at Hidetsugu in Commander.
  • Mark Wischkaemper

    26 Decks in a Year, Episode 13: Simic

    When it comes to counters, the Kraj is king. Mark shows you why.
  • Jason Alt

    Public Enemy #1

    The power of Kaalia; the fun of 75%. Jason dabbles with the dark side to have fun this week.
  • CMDR Decks

    Erebos, God of the Dead

    Nothing's impossible when you're the God of the Dead. CMDR Decks shows off how with Erebos.
  • Abe Sargent

    Silumgar, the Death of the Dream

    It's another sneaky good deck as Abe tries his hand at Silumgar, the Commander deck.
  • Jason Alt

    A Fun Guy

    Who cares about mana anyway? Jason shares his latest 75% deck by dodging the boring.
  • Carlos Gutierrez

    Apostles of Athreos

    Shadowborn Apostle is the greatest follower of Athreos. Carlos has the deck to show you why.
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