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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jesse Mason

    Anti-Flavor Dissertation

    Serious topics require serious attention, and we all know Jesse is always absolutely serious.
  • Jesse Mason

    A New Format in a New Town

    Jesse drafted Dark Ascension. But Jesse's stories, and views, are never as simple as that.
  • Jesse Mason

    The Second Set

    Previously cut content, musical interludes, satire, and article critiques. Jesse is a renaissance man of Magic, unafraid (and actually quite willing) to say anything on his mind!
  • Jesse Mason

    More Stats about Magic and Sports

    Given how detailed and numeric Magic is it would make sense that there is one way to truly evaluate cards, right? Jesse shares where this thinking leads, and a better way to approach all Magic evaluations!
  • Jesse Mason

    A Guide to Kitchen Table Magic for Competitive Players

    Every good satire contains bits of truth. What grains do you find scattered in Jesse's tongue-in-cheek breakdown of casual Magic?
  • Jesse Mason

    Lies to Make You Better at Magic

    Testing is vitally important. Understanding the goals of testing are too. Jesse's review of what both mean is far different from what you'll usually see!
  • Jesse Mason

    Welcome to Magic

    With poetic elegance, tongue-in-cheek frankness, and a healthy dose of wit, Jesse's articles never cease to surprise! (This article originally ran October 18, 2011.)
  • Jesse Mason

    One Game, Revisited

    Jesse tries his hand at revisiting a classic Magic article, as challenged by recent R&D addition Gavin Verhey!
  • Jesse Mason

    Drawing in All Colors

    Every color can do everything. Really. Jesse's trip through card draw draws only one inevitable conclusion!
  • Jesse Mason

    What Are We Doing Here?

    What are you doing here? Jesse's back with some tough questions, and tougher answers.
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