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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Chris Mascioli

    The Metagame Report, June 14–June 21

    The reign of Delver isn't over. But if you're ready to dethrone the king, Chris has the breakdown of every deck that can do it. This is The Metagame Report!
  • Chris Mascioli

    The Metagame Report, June 4 - June 13

    What's hot and what's not? Is there anything besides Delver to play? Chris is back with another rundown in The Metagame Report!
  • Chris Mascioli

    The Metagame Report May 29–June 3

    What do you want to play this week? How about one of the best decks in the format? Chris is here with a rundown of the big winners from everywhere in The Metagame Report!
  • Chris Mascioli

    Avacyn Restored Block Constructed on Magic Online

    Are you ready for Innistrad Block on Magic Online and at Grand Prix Anaheim? Chris has the scoop on the first wave of Magic Online events, showing you the lists and evolution after Pro Tour Avacyn Restored!
  • Chris Mascioli

    Pro Tour Avacyn Restored Results Analysis

    The numbers are in. The results are final. With everything at hand, Chris breaks down which teams and players performed the best, and worst, at Pro Tour Avacyn Restored!
  • Chris Mascioli

    Draft Theory 101

    Limited is always skill intensive, so having the right tools makes a big difference. Chris breaks down drafting, covering everything from rare drafting to bait-and-switch signaling!
  • Chris Mascioli

    Five Things You Need (Besides Your Deck) to Win a PTQ

    If you think you know what it really takes to win a PTQ, Chris believes you're probably wrong. See what he has to say about finding the blue envelope!
  • Chris Mascioli

    The PT Invite System Is Still Broken

    Why did Wizards decide to award special invites to Pro Tour Avacyn Restored? Chris believes the current qualifier system fails, and a better system is needed now!
  • Chris Mascioli

    Innistrad Block Constructed – Archetypes and Results

    What does the Innistrad Block Constructed metagame look like? Which decks are the best? What's the hidden tech under the radar? Chris has all the answers and more!
  • Chris Mascioli

    The New IPG and You

    After a few months of additional tweaking, the latest IPG changes have been released! But what do they really mean? Chris has an angle-player's playbook open for inspection. Will you be prepared?
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