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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jim Davis

    Modern Cube with Jim Davis

    The Holidays are upon us which means more Cubes on Magic Online! Join Jim as he ventures into the waters of MTGO's Modern Cube!
  • Jim Davis

    Modern Humans with Jim Davis

    Jim wonders why he ever stopped playing Humans as he takes it into a Modern League on Magic Online!
  • Rudy Briksza

    Rudy Drafts Core Set Cube

    Rudy has a craving for Core Set Cube, and Magic Online is happy to provide!
  • Ali Aintrazi

    Playing Legacy Sultai Explorer

    Ali takes his Sultai Explorer list for a spin in Legacy events on Magic Online!
  • Eric Klug

    Drafting Pro Tour Cube

    The Pro Tour Cube hits Magic Online today, and Eric Klug, the designer, is here to break down the archetypes!
  • Mike Likes


    Mike Likes takes a look at some of the best performing Ascend decklists from Magic Online!
  • Mike Likes

    More Mono-Color Madness

    Mike Likes continues on the Mono-Color path with some new Standard lists!
  • Alex Ullman

    First Look at Magic: The Gathering Arena

    We got out first look at Magic: The Gathering Arena and what it means for the future of Magic.
  • Ali Aintrazi

    Energy Too Stonk

    With energy running rampant, Ali turns to a unique control deck that shows great promise!
  • Kevin Crimin

    Rogue's Alley: Standard Mardu Dwarves

    Kevin proves good things come in small packages with his latest Standard brew!