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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Chris Mascioli

    Project Manchester, Part 1: Introduction, Objective, and Methodology

    While grinding for Planeswalker points is not longer critical, playing enough Magic Online to polish and refine your skills still is! Chris dives into a project to turn the digital battle into an international trip!
  • Chris Mascioli


    Tiebreakers: how do they work? It isn't some miracle but an actual calculation every serious player needs to know. Chris shows you how to break it down, track it throughout, and make fuzzy math a forgotten past!
  • guest

    Chasing Kate – Why (and How) I Qualified for Pro Tour Dark Ascension

    Never before has it been possible to simply decide to qualify. The fallout from Chris's decision to grind onto the Pro Tour is an inglorious tale of intrigue, self-defeat, and, oddly enough, hope.
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