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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jumbo Commander

    Umbris Voltron Mill

    Umbris, Fear Manifest is terrifying, and Jumbo Commander has a list that will show you why!
  • Jumbo Commander

    Torens' Fist-full of Creatures

    Torens, Fist of Angels gives you another payoff for playing creatures, so let's build off that synergy!
  • Jumbo Commander

    Slug Destruction Commander Deck Tech

    Toxrill feels like a meme card, but this soft-bodied mollusk will leave a slimy residue on the table where creatures used to be!
  • Jumbo Commander

    The Best Sorceries in Commander

    Here are the undeniable, canonical, indisputable, best sorceries in Commander!
  • Jumbo Commander

    The Most Fun Commander in Midnight Hunt

    Gisa, Glorious Resurrector is just a fun and classy gal. I really think you are going to like this deck because I'm obsessed!
  • Jumbo Commander

    Ikoria Commander Pickups

    Ikoria was a crazy set and there are so many powerful playable found within. Check them out!
  • Jumbo Commander

    Rotating Commander Staples

    When cards leave Standard, Commander players look back and pick up the upgrades we missed on the cheap!
  • Jumbo Commander

    Top Ten X-Spells in Commander

    There are a lot of ways to spend all that mana we get in Commander, so let's talk about the best x-spells in the game!
  • Jumbo Commander

    Minn Card-Draw Illusion Swarm Tribal

    Minn, Wily Illusionist does it all. Tokens, tribal, card draw, cheating mana, spellslinger... oh and it SMASHES!
  • Jumbo Commander

    Three Expensive Commander Cards You Should Buy

    Commander can be an expensive format, but there are some cards out there that worth the heavy price tag!
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