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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Bruce Richard

    Planeswalkers as Commanders: For Variety!

    Bruce tackles the pros of making Planeswalkers commanders in a head to head with fellow Commander writer Stephen Johnson!
  • Stephen Johnson

    The Case Against Planeswalkers as Commanders

    Stephen tackles the cons of making Planeswalkers commanders in a head to head with fellow Commander writer Bruce Richard!
  • Bruce Richard

    Top 8 Cards I Should Be Playing

    Bruce takes inspiration from Brother's War Podcast and makes a list of eight cards he should definitely be playing more!
  • Bruce Richard

    Band-Aids for Birds

    Bruce Richard bands together with his birds for an unconventional Commander build!
  • Bruce Richard

    Power Creep is Infecting Commander

    Bruce Richard talks about a slow-growing issue in Commander, and what it means for the format going forward!
  • Bruce Richard

    Bruce's Top 5 Magic Cards

    Bruce digs through his experiences in casual multiplayer Magic and puts together a list of his favorite cards!
  • Bruce Richard

    New Player Commander Decks: Selesnya & Rakdos

    Bruce shows off the Selesnya and Rakdos New Player Commander Decks and offers some cheap and easy upgrades!
  • Bruce Richard

    Do's and Don'ts, Commander Style

    Bruce offers his take on what should be acceptable and what shouldn't in Commander!
  • Bruce Richard

    Commander Nomads at MagicFests

    Bruce tells a story of the all-too-familiar for Commander players attending MagicFests!
  • Bruce Richard

    Commander Spice: Hidden Gems in Long Lost Lands

    Bruce travels back in time to some old sets so he can introduce you to some of his favorite lands for Commander from the early game!