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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Danny West

    A Very Fun Critique of Frank Lepore's Standard Critique

    Danny responds to Frank Lepore's critiques on the state of Standard with some thoughts of his own!
  • Danny West

    An Introduction to New Standard - Pt. 3

    Danny rounds out his tour of early Theros Beyond Death Standard and proffer's some advice for finding your footing!
  • Danny West

    An Introduction to New Standard - Pt. 2

    Danny's tour de force of the new Standard format continues with looks at more of the sweet decks populating the metagame!
  • Danny West

    An Introduction to New Standard - Pt. 1

    Danny begins a three-part look at Theros Beyond Death Standard , bringing you sweet decklists to get a foothold in the format!
  • Danny West

    White Cards Suck

    It's no secret White has been suffering in Standard lately, and Danny wants to get to the bottom of why!
  • Danny West

    Green is Too Good

    Danny lays his cards on the table and says what everyone is already thinking: Green is too good!
  • Danny West

    A Better, Smarter Look at Theros Beyond Death

    Danny looks beyond the intuitive first reactions to Theros: Beyond Death to see what the set might have to offer!
  • Danny West

    Nonsense Decks That Win Anyway

    Danny highlights some weird decklists performing well in Standard against all odds!
  • Danny West


    Danny reflects on the importance of memory in Magic and how remembering lessons learned is key to improving!
  • Danny West

    X Brawl Decks Better than Mine

    Danny revisits his Pro Magic Guerilla League, this time to consider Brawl decks far more powerful than his own!
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