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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Carlos Gutierrez

    Great Magic Writing of the Week, April 21

    From Travel Posters to good old fashioned Slimings, these are some of the best Magic articles this week.
  • James Arnold

    Ravnica Travel Posters

    Where will you go next on your Implicit Maze vacation?
  • James Arnold

    Cereals of Ravnica

    If your guild were a cereal, what kind of cereal would it be? From Chex and Balances to Life+, James Arnold shares his ideas.
  • James Arnold

    Elves vs Goblins

    Who comes out on top when two classic tribes go head to head? Find out once and for all.
  • James Arnold

    Pro Tour Gatecrash: An Infographic

    What's in a Pro Tour? James breaks down the big show coming to Montreal.
  • James Arnold

    Gatecrash: An Infographic

    Think you know Gatecrash already? James's latest infographic shows you even more.
  • James Arnold

    Divine vs. Demonic

    Curious about Magic's Angels and Demons? James has another infographic to tell you.
  • James Arnold

    Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Knights

    This is everything you ever wanted to know (and more) about Knights!
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