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  • Magic Mics: Top Ten Ravnica Allegiance Cards

    Erin, Evan, and Reuben get back to the Top Ten grind with their favorite Ravnica Allegiance cards!
  • Magic Mics: Bye Bye KCI

    Magic Mics waves goodbye to KCI in Modern as they talk about the latest happenings in the Magic Community!
  • Cartel Aristocrats #128: Banned & Restricted

    Will the newest addition to the banlist throw Modern prices into chaos? The Aristocrats discuss the latest trends and developments in Magic finance!
  • Magic Mics: #Sponsored

    There's plenty to talk about this week as Magic Mics dives in to Ravnica Allegiance, MTG Arena, and more!
  • Cartel Aristocrats #127: A New Challenger

    This week, the Aristocrats talk about the return of Challenger Decks, MagicFests, and more in the world of Magic Finance!
  • Magic Mics: Top Ten Mythics

    It's a new Magic Mics Top Ten, and this week Erin, Evan, and Reuben go over their top Mythics!
  • Magic Mics: RNA Preview

    Magic Mics breaks down the latest in Magic and shows off their preview card for Ravnica Allegiance!
  • Cartel Aristocrats #126: High End Magic and the Recession

    The Aristocrats are back after the Holidays and are ready to talk about Magic Finance in the new year!
  • The 2018 Magic Micsies

    Evan, Erin, and Reuben dress up for the 2018 edition of the Magic Micsies!
  • Magic Mics: Top Ten Cards of 2018

    Evan, Erin, and Reuben review their top cards of 2018 in the latest Magic Mics Top Ten!