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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Stephen Johnson

    Eight is Enough: Octavia in Commander

    Eight proves to be the magic number for this sweet Commander list built around Octavia, Living Thesis!
  • Stephen Johnson

    Yedora Embodiment Combo in Commander

    Today Stephen explores an innovative mono-Green brew featuring Yedora and the best cards to combo it with in Commander!
  • Stephen Johnson

    Welcome to the Velodrome

    Can Velomachus Lorehold do a convincing impression of Narset, Enlightened Master?
  • Stephen Johnson

    Esix - A Tale of Two Fractals

    There's more than one way to build a Fractal, and today Stephen looks at two different builds for Esix!
  • Stephen Johnson

    Abominable Aegar

    Stephen is struck with inspiration and goes back to Kaldheim to build around Aegar, the Freezing Flame!
  • Stephen Johnson

    Building Beledros Witherbloom in Commander

    Strixhaven has arrived, and today Stephen is excited to build around the elder dragon Beledros Witherbloom!
  • Stephen Johnson

    Zimona the Brave

    Zimone packs a punch, but is she strong enough to throw punches in the realm of cEDH?
  • Stephen Johnson

    They Call Him Quint

    A new commander has caught Stephen's eye, and today he builds a unique deck around Quintorius, Field Historian!
  • Stephen Johnson

    Numa Alharu Elves and Spirits

    Two tribes form an unlikely alliance in this sweet partnered Commander deck featuring Numa and Alharu!
  • Stephen Johnson

    Miara Nadier Mono-Black Elf Tribal Commander

    Is it possible to build a satisfying and viable Elves Commander deck without any forests?
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