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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Darwin Kastle

    The Dangers of Playtesting

    Testing your decks is a vital element to competitive success. Darwin shares a story of where testing can go wrong, and why the right plan is often right in front of you!
  • Mike Cannon

    Enter the Dungeon #9 – Belching & Fluctuating

    Mike's back with another pair of peculiar dueling decks! This time, he pushed both Fluctuator and Goblin Charbelcher to their limits Which one wins this showdown of shenanigans?
  • Mike Cannon

    Price of Glory #21 – Stromkirk Sliths

    Vampires are attaking everywhere! Mike's here with a surprising, and very aggressive, take on the tribe that's out for your opponents' blood!
  • guest

    The New Standard Gauntlet

  • Dan Eckstein

    Magic : The Classroom – Testing Prep

    Dan shares how his students practice drafting on a budget, and how his local store is bucking the trend to help players prepare.
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