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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Andrew Wilson

    Atalya for Life

    Andrew can rebuild it. Stronger. Faster. More Commander than ever before with Atalya, Samite Master.
  • CMDR Decks

    Bruna, Light of Alabaster

    She's big, bad, and backed by heroes. Take to the skies with Shaun with Shaun and Bruna.
  • Mark Wischkaemper

    26 Decks in a Year, Episode 8: Rakdos

    It's isn't tricky to rock the red and black of Rakdos. Mark shares his look at the guild of recklessness in Commander.
  • Jason Alt

    8 Simple Rules for Playing in My Commander Group

    New to Commander? Jason boils what 75% Commander is down to 8 key rules.
  • CMDR Decks

    Doran, the Siege Tower

    With Doran on his side, Randy is ready to bring the defensive beatdown.
  • Abe Sargent

    Budget Commander #14 – Surrak, the Win Condition

    It may be a budget build, but Abe's newest Commander creation is positively ferocious.
  • Jason Alt

    In the Ghitu

    Jason gives Jhoira the 75% treatment and puts the suspense back in suspend.
  • CMDR Decks

    Brago, King Eternal

    Blink and you'll miss it! This is Substance D's take on the Brago, King of Commander.
  • Mark Wischkaemper

    26 Decks in a Year, Episode 7: Dimir

    Mark continues his climb through colors with a visit to Mirko Vosk and a budget to kill for.
  • Jason Alt

    Against My Better Judgment

    Jason is thankful he can put land destruction into his latest Commander deck.
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