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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jules Robins

    You Make the Planeswalker – Contest Results

    Two weeks ago Jules asked you to design your own Planeswalkers! This week he's showing off some of the best designs!
  • Jules Robins

    Magic 2013 Design Review – Red

    Green got Jules a little angry, but it's red that has him seeing it!
  • Jules Robins

    Making a Planeswalker in Three Simple Abilities

    Do you have what it takes to design the most iconic and exciting cards in the game? Find out what good Planeswalker design looks like!
  • Jules Robins

    Magic 2013 Design Review – Black

    How does black fit into Magic 2013? Jules is channeling his inner Dark Overlord to find out!
  • Jules Robins

    Magic 2013 Design Review – Blue

    What makes Magic 2013 tick? Jules plays the cards and shares how the format speaks volumes!
  • Jules Robins

    Magic 2013 Design Review – White and the Big Picture

    It's the community-designed Core Set versus the real deal: Jules looks at the best, and worst, in Magic 2013. What would you have done better?
  • Jules Robins

    To Make a Mythic

    What's it take to make a mythic rare? Jules looks at the process of making the splashiest cards in Magic.
  • Jules Robins

    The Core of the Game

    What makes Magic great? Jules dives into the casual and competitive, looking for the keys to what Richard Garfield himself laid out.
  • Jules Robins

    Tweaking Dimensions

    Evolving your cube through it's draft experience is a dimension of unlimited potential. Jules continues to show you just how far, and awesome it can go!
  • Jules Robins

    Planechasing the Perfect Design

    The bad, the ugly, and the surprising good... all through the eyes of a designer! Join Jules as he wanders the ways of the latest cards to join Magic!
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