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  • Bazaars Over Baghdad

    Sometimes they come back...and then come back Magic's oldest format.
  • Vintage Robots

    Affinity has come to Vintage! Check out this hyper aggressive take on Mishra's Workshop for Magic's most busted format.
  • Rethinking Vintage Decks

    There is more to Vintage than just blue cards. Today Nat goes over the shifting metagame!
  • Two Billion Mana

    What could you do with two billion mana in Vintage? Nat tells all!
  • Eternal Masters Announced

    Eternal Masters will reprint Legacy and Vintage cards not on the Reserved List.
  • Vintage Party Time: Streaming and the Team Serious Invitational

    Nat and his friends make their own Vintage Invitational complete with streaming!
  • Daily Deck List: Winnower Oath

    Eldrazi in Vintage? Absolutely! Check out today's Daily Deck List!
  • Wizards Official Comment on Proxy Cards

    Elaine Chase has clarified Wizards of the Coast's stance with regards to "proxy" cards.
  • Tinkering with Reality

    Vintage keeps tinkering with a good thing. Nat digs into what puts Tinker on the top.
  • Five Decks You'll Play This Weekend

    Five format. Five decks. This week Brandon brings a trove from Standard to Vintage and even Pauper.