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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Nassim Ketita

    Drafting with Big Nass, ISD #7

    Nassim is back with another rousing round of Innistrad draft! This time, he leans on a heroic Spider to make the last stand. Does it catch victory in its web?
  • Natalie Weizenbaum

    Tree's a Crowd

    Dark Ascension hasn't yet released, but that didn't stop Nathan from finding a peculiar challenge to issue for one of the newest cards! How fast can you pile up the bodies for Ghoultree?
  • Ryan Bushard

    Box to Extended – Long-Term, Part Deux

    Dark Ascension is the talk of the town. Ryan tips you off to the Innistrad cards you should be picking up before time run out!
  • Melissa DeTora

    GP: Austin Report

    Coming in 21st after a shot for Top 8 is always a tough spot. Melissa shares how she just missed the mark in Austin, and what she did to get to her chance!
  • Nassim Ketita

    Drafting with Big Nass ISD #6

    While it isn't as flashy as Spider Spawning or Burning Vengeance, a straightforward Black-White aggro deck can do justice. Watch Nassim show you how it's done!
  • Melissa DeTora

    Grand Prix Santiago - Top 4

    While the global grind for every Planeswalker point may be over, Melissa's quest took her almost all the way to the top of a Grand Prix, and earned her another Pro Tour invite the old-fashioned way! (This article originally ran November 11, 2011.)
  • Melissa DeTora

    Milling Yourself to Victory

    Archetypes have a way of getting popular and fading out. Melissa is here with two popular Innistrad combo decks to draft when the coast is clear!
  • Nassim Ketita

    Drafting with Big Nass, ISD #5

    Sometimes, a draft seems to fall into place automatically. Today, Nassim battles the rough beats head-on in his latest draft videos!
  • Inside the Deck

    Innistrad Research and Development

    Inside the Deck gets the inside scoop on Innistrad!
  • Adam Styborski

    Avacyn Restored Announced!

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