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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jules Robins

    A New Kid on the Block at GP Anaheim

    Testing is important for tournament success, but so how what you're testing. Jules shares how he tested to find his deck for Grand Prix Anaheim, but found himself without the time to test it!
  • Adam Styborski

    Grand Prix Anaheim

    For a slice of Grand Prix action you won't find on the official coverage, check out this exclusive coverage of Grand Prix Anaheim! Expect more updates as the event progresses!
  • Jules Robins

    The Horadric Cube

    Making the most over every cube experience is the paramount goal of a cube designer. Jules continues to look at adding effects to the draft and deck construction pieces of cube fun!
  • Jules Robins

    Cubic Geometry

    Drafting a cube is an awesome experience, but even the best experiences can become commonplace. Jules dives into designing some ways to spice up your draft experience!
  • Jules Robins

    Avacyn Restored Design, Part 2: Card by Card

    Suggested cards. Nuances of rules text. The flavor of common Angels. Jules finishes the second half of his Avacyn Restored design review in style!
  • Jules Robins

    Avacyn Restored Design, Part 1: The Big Picture

    What makes Avacyn Restored tick? Jules digs underneath the flashy and cool to show you what's lurking beneath the third set of Innistrad!
  • Jules Robins

    Whitewater Rafting

    Are you working with Jules yet? This week's dive into white creatures features clever cards designed by you! If you haven't started helping, this is the week to jump in!
  • Jules Robins

    A Pirate's Life for Me

    Ready to dive deeper with the design skeleton? Jules hows you why some ideas are just all washed up!
  • Jules Robins

    Skull and Crossbones

    Design is certainly hard work, but there are ways to streamline efforts. Jules reviews Mark Rosewater's Design Skeleton, and challenges you on where to go next!
  • Jules Robins

    Diving Deeper

    Jules is still deep in the sea, this time looking at fan favorites flavored for an underwater world!
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