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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Judge's Corner


    What are triggered abilities, and what do they mean for us? David runs down the rules you should know.
  • Judge's Corner

    Infraction Procedure Guide - Competitive REL

    David has talked about IPG before, but how do penalties change at more competitive events? Find out in the Judge's Corner.
  • Judge's Corner

    Magic 2014 Rules Update

    In just over a month the rules will change again. David's back to break down what you really need to know.
  • Judge's Corner

    Active, Non-Active Player Ordering

    When triggers happen for both players, there are rules to handle what happens next. David runs down how APNAP works.
  • Judge's Corner

    Infraction Procedure Guide

    What is the IPG, and how does it work? David reviews the rules of laying penalties upon players.
  • Judge's Corner

    Return to Ravnica Mechanics

    Just in time for Pro Tour Dragon's Maze, the Judge's Corner is Returning to Ravnica for a review of the mechanics.
  • Judge's Corner

    Judging at Regular

    What do you need to know about judging at Regular? David's breakdown explains it all.
  • Judge's Corner

    Dragon's Maze, Part 2

    David's back with corner cases and outlying oddities of rules hidden in Dragon's Maze.
  • Inside the Deck

    Dragon's Maze Set Review

    David Greene, from Judge's Corner, guest hosts Inside the Deck's set review for Dragon's Maze.
  • Carlos Gutierrez

    Great Magic Writing of the Week, April 28

    From Quinton Hoover and Magic comics to all things Dragon's Maze, this is some of the best Magic content this week.
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