Throne of Eldraine
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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Richard Kane Ferguson

    Who is Richard Kane Ferguson? James takes a closer look at one of Magic's earliest art heroes.
  • Throwback Thursday: Building a Sealed Deck

    Nate Holt, host of Walking the Planes, guest stars in this Inside the Deck episode on building Sealed decks.
  • Throwback Thursday: Rob Alexander, Magic Artist

    How did Rob Alexander, dual land artist, get his start illustrating Magic? Inside the Deck shares the story again.
  • Throwback Thursday: Judging at a Grand Prix

    This Throwback Thursday is a classic look at high-level judging, and what it means for the players at Grand Prix.
  • Inside the Deck: The Dragonmaster

    Who is The Dragonmaster? Inside the Deck dives into the history and story of Pro Tour Hall of Fame player Brian Kibler.
  • Cosplay: Shoptalk with Lili and Chandra

    Get to know another talented cosplayer with Mj as she interviews Arielle of Air Bubble Cosplay!
  • Throwback Thursday: Brainstorm

    This week, take a look back at what Brainstorm has meant to Magic through the years.
  • Cosplay: The Wild Side with Domri Rade

    Domri himself drops in on MJ as she interviews the cosplayer Chris Slade.
  • Brand Old Stories

    Magic Origins: Duels is just the tip of what a Magic brand manager shares. Adam discovered why.
  • Rapid-Fire Vorthos News

    Grand Prix Las Vegas, hidden artists found, and copyright reminders: Mike has the latest news you need.