Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North
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  • I Get a Kick Out of Hallar

    Stephen builds around a legendary creature from Dominaria that he really gets a kick out of!
  • More Dominaria Sidekicks

    Stephen picks up where he left off, providing sidekicks for the newly spoiled legends from Dominaria!
  • In Defense of Commander Damage

    Stephen steps up on his soapbox to defend the existence of Commander Damage, breaking down why it deserves to stay!
  • Beyond 75%

    For when 75% Theory is unclear, Stephen has a new way of regulating the power level of your Commander decks!
  • Dominaria Sidekicks

    Dominaria brings a whole host of new potential Commanders, and Stephen believes every Commander needs a good sidekick!
  • Learning Lessons

    Stephen has been schooling himself on some proper Commander building techniques and he'd like to pass those lessons along to you!
  • All the Answers

    Stephen may not have all the answers, but he can certainly point you in the right direction when it comes to Commander!
  • Proxies and Playgroups

    Stephen tackles the question of proxies in EDH and how they can affect your playgroup!
  • Building Mono-White Ramos

    Ramos may be five-color, but Stephen has some ideas for a Mono-White build that'll take you by surprise!
  • The Hybrid Mana Challenge

    Stephen brings some unique challenges to his Commander League, building a deck around a hybrid mana legend. Check out his new list!