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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Nat Moes

    Rated R in Vintage

    What does restricted really mean? Nat tutors on Vintage tutors so tell you the whole tale.
  • Nat Moes

    Thirst for Knowledge Knowledge

    Thirsty for more Vintage know-how? Nat breaks down the biggest mover in the format: Thirst for Knowledge.
  • Carlos Gutierrez

    5 Decks You Can't Miss This Week

    What can Battle for Zendikar offer your favorite Constructed formats? These are five decks you can't miss from Standard, Modern, and even Vintage.
  • Nat Moes

    Vintage Banned & Restricted Update Breakdown

    Nat thinks Vintage was ready for a shakeup. This is how the B&R update fits with what Battle for Zendikar offers.
  • Brandon Isleib

    Five Decks You'll Play This Weekend

    Modern's old dogs are up to new tricks before rotation. Brandon has the latest tech from Magic Online.
  • Alex Ullman

    September Banned and Restricted List Update

    So long Dig Through Time - you're going on a Cruise!
  • Nat Moes

    Data-Mining after Vintage Champs

    The biggest Vintage event of the year still has secrets to share. Nat digs in to the last that can be uncovered.
  • Inside the Deck

    Inside The Deck: Vintage PyroGrow

    Head Inside the Deck with Stephen Menendian and check out his innovative fusion of tempo and combo.
  • Nat Moes

    What's New in Vintage — Champs Top 32

    Join Nat as he takes a deeper dive into the results from Eternal Weekend and breaks down all the newest technology.
  • Inside the Deck

    Inside the Deck: Vintage Monastery Remora

    Vintage can be crazy, but Kevin Cron has a great mentor. Check out his exciting take on Monastery Mentor from Eternal Weekend.
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