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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jason Alt

    Who to Follow – Announcements Edition

    Changes are afoot, and new features are flying. Jason shares some familiar faces to follow this week.
  • Bruce Richard

    PAX Lazav

    Sneaky. Brutal. Efficient. Bruce breaks down controlling Commander with Lazav, Dimir Mastermind.
  • Bruce Richard

    The Cards That Time Forgot

    The hidden gems scattered across Magic's history are easy to miss. Bruce did the legwork to find the best.
  • Bruce Richard

    A Brooding Gruul

    It's a new deck with old tricks. Bruce breaks down a Gruul deck built for the battlefield.
  • Bruce Richard

    Top Ten-and-a-Half Reasons to Love Un-

    Where's the fun in un? Bruce has the reasons you should be playing with silver bordered cards.
  • Bruce Richard

    Edric, Evolved

    Edric isn't Simic, but Bruce shows you he evolves with the best of them.
  • Bruce Richard

    Multiplayer Card Advantage: Threat Level Multiplier Theory

    What is the value of a card, and how can that help you win games? Bruce shares his theories on card advantage in multiplayer.
  • Bruce Richard

    Boros – Guerrilla Warfare

    Sometimes ranks of soldiers aren't enough. Check out Bruce's advice for keeping your battalion under the radar.
  • Bruce Richard

    Prerelease Achievements Card

    There's more to the Prerelease than cards. Bruce's shares how it can be better for everyone.
  • Bruce Richard

    Buying Back My Syphoned Soul

    What happens when classic hits become modern duds? Bruce rebuilds an Orzhov deck.