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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Judge's Corner

    Return to Ravnica Mechanics

    Just in time for Pro Tour Dragon's Maze, the Judge's Corner is Returning to Ravnica for a review of the mechanics.
  • Judge's Corner

    Judging at Regular

    What do you need to know about judging at Regular? David's breakdown explains it all.
  • Judge's Corner

    Dragon's Maze, Part 2

    David's back with corner cases and outlying oddities of rules hidden in Dragon's Maze.
  • Carlos Gutierrez

    Great Magic Writing of the Week, April 28

    From Quinton Hoover and Magic comics to all things Dragon's Maze, this is some of the best Magic content this week.
  • Judge's Corner

    Dragon's Maze, Part 1

    What kind of unique interactions has Dragon's Maze brought with it? Find out in the Judge's Corner.
  • Judge's Corner

    Split Cards

    How do split cards really work? Why is fuse so awesome? David is back in the Judge's Corner to explain.
  • Judge's Corner

    Summoning Sickness

    Creatures aren't always simple. David reviews how entering battlefield isn't always what it seems.
  • Judge's Corner


    If you're planning to pair your creatures, David's rundown of soulbond is just what you need.
  • Judge's Corner

    Judge's Corner: Double-Faced Cards

    How do the rules change when your cards have two sides instead of one? Find out in the Judge's Corner.
  • Judge's Corner


    Ready to lock on targets? David walks through the rules of pointing at everything in Magic.
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