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  • Modern Horizons and Death and Taxes

    Adrian falls back on an old favorite and sees how Modern Horizons has changed it in Legacy!
  • Adapting Esper

    Adrian takes a look at Esper Control's current shortcomings and figures out how to adapt it for better Standard performance!
  • Surviving Hogaak (For Now)

    Whether Hogaak receives the banhammer or not, Adrian is looking for ways to survive the Modern Menace!
  • Izzet Narset in Modern

    Adrian explores the possibilities Narset presents when placed in an Izzet shell!
  • Pushing Narset in Modern

    Everybody loves Narset, but Adrian wants to push her to the limit with his latest Modern deck!
  • A Return to Curiosity

    Adrian returns to one of his favorite pet archetypes, looking at the new additions from Core Set 2020!
  • Star, Star, Teach Me How to Shine

    Adrian plays around with a Gates deck that might be a perfect home for Standard's closest Wildfire analogue!
  • Chandra Brews

    Adrian builds some sweet Standard brews around the newest iterations of everyone's favorite pyromancer!
  • Core Set 2020 Red Review

    A new set means it's time for Adrian Sullivan to see what's on offer for Red. It's time for the Core Set 2020 Red Review!
  • Exciting Choices for the Mythic Championship

    Adrian goes in depth on some of the more exciting deck choices going into Mythic Championship III!