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  • Ravnica Allegiance Stream Event Highlights

    Check out Ali's highlights from the Ravnica Allegiance Arena Stream Event!
  • Battle of One: Mnemonic Betrayal

    Ali goes on one final foray into Guilds of Ravnica Standard with a Battle of One featuring Mnemonic Betrayal!
  • Ali's Timestream Helm Combo

    Ali grabs the helm and pilots this sweet Timestream Navigator Combo on MTG Arena!
  • Battle of One: Standard Omnibus with Ali Aintrazi

    Ali battles Best of One on MTG Arena with his sweet Standard Omniscience Combo deck!
  • Exploring Four-Color Ramp

    Ali stays true to his roots and explores what is possible in Standard Four-Color Ramp!
  • Standard Boros Prison with Ali Aintrazi

    Ali Aintrazi cracks down on Standard with his take on a Boros Prison list!
  • Ali's Year in Review

    From streaming to Rainbow Lich and Chromatic Black, Ali looks back on his past year in Magic!
  • Playing Four-Color Omniscience

    Ali takes another stab at Four-Color Omniscience, piloting it to Platinum on MTG Arena!
  • Winning with Chromatic Black

    Ali busted out Chromatic Black at the SCG Invitational and is ready to talk about the deck's performance!
  • Lock 'Em Up

    Things get a little haphazard as Ali begins his latest foray into brewing for Standard!