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  • Goodbye Blue, Hello New Pauper!

    Kendra discusses the recent wave of Pauper bans and what it might mean for the format going forward!
  • The Horizon Master

    Danny gives his first impressions on the latest Modern Horizons previews!
  • Don't Play These Two-and-a-Half Decks: Modern Edition

    Mike Flores wants you to succeed and Modern, and to that end he has some thoughts on a few decks you shouldn't play!
  • Sacrificing to Win it All

    Sacrifices must be made to achieve victory, and Rudy has just the Standard list for the job!
  • Four Standard Superfriends Brews

    With all the planeswalkers running around from War of the Spark, you can bet Jim Davis has several takes on Superfriends for Standard!
  • More Best of One

    Adrian jumps back in to the Best of One waters to show off some of his favorite decksin the format!
  • Esper Control in Standard

    War of the Spark has pulled Kyle back in to talk about a deck that's right up his alley: Esper Control!
  • Top 8 Reasons Teferi, Time Raveler is the Best Card in Standard

    Mike Flores takes a hard stance on Teferi, Time Raveler and backs it up with eight reasons why it's the best card in Standard!
  • Killing People On Turn Two With Neoform

    War of the Spark is doing work in Modern, but there's one card in particular Jim has his eye on!
  • The Rise of Nova Bant

    Rudy talks about the sweet new deck that pushed him into the Top 8 of SCG Open Richmond!