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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • James Arnold

    Richard Kane Ferguson

    Who is Richard Kane Ferguson? James takes a closer look at one of Magic's earliest art heroes.
  • James Arnold

    Art Heroes: Lars Grant-West

    What makes the art of Lars Grant-West stand out? James discovers what makes another of the game's great tick.
  • James Arnold

    Art Heroes: Mark Poole

    James shares his story of meeting Mark Poole, one of the elite among making iconic Magic art.
  • James Arnold

    Art Heroes: Jeff Menges

    This week, James finds a hero in one of Magic's Alpha artists, the talented Jeff Menges.
  • James Arnold

    Art Heroes: Ryan Pancoast

    James dives into the art and story of another Magic art hero: Ryan Pancoast.
  • James Arnold

    Art Heroes: Drew Tucker

    James digs into Magic history with an interview of one of the original artists, Drew Tucker.
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