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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Axel Stone

    Budget-Friendly Pioneer Cards to Consider

    Pioneer is a hot format right now, and this budget series highlights inexpensive cards to consider for both Pioneer and Commander beyond!
  • Axel Stone

    Revisiting Past Budget Gems

    Axel takes a look at some choice budget gems from the past and sees if there's still some room for them to grow!
  • Axel Stone

    Getting Aggressive with Budget Gems

    If you're looking for some intriguing budget aggro cards, look no further than this fine selection!
  • Axel Stone

    More Neon Dynasty Budget Gems

    If you're looking for some great budget pickups from Neon Dynasty and beyond, look no further!
  • James Heslip

    Mono-Red Phoenixes

    There's nothing more resilient than a phoenix, and James' most recent budget brew is packed with them!
  • Axel Stone

    Budget-Friendly Cards to Consider for Commander and Pioneer

    If you're interested in some budget-friendly options you might have overlooked for Commander and Pioneer, then read on ahead for some forgotten favorites!
  • James Heslip

    Tiana Time!

    James returns with a sweet, casual auras deck built around an uncommon legend from Dominaria!
  • James Heslip

    About Face Combo

    James returns to some casual budget deck-building with a Legacy-inspired Combo deck!
  • Mark Wischkaemper

    Commanding Construction: Estrid the Masked

    Mark continues putting his Commander deck-building tips to the test by building around Estrid, the Masked!
  • Abe Sargent

    Budget Commander: Hurray Shirei!

    Abe explores another budget brew, today incorporating a ton of new and fun cards into this extremely wallet-friendly brew!
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